Baby Beaches in Orange County: Little Corona Del Mar

Ahhh the beaches of Orange County…the soft white sand, the stunning cliffs, and the breathtaking views. What’s not to love?

Well, if you have a baby or toddler then the beach can sometimes be a scary place, for you and for them. As a parent, the ocean is a force of nature that’s unpredictable. As a young child, the new sites, sounds, and creatures can be a lot to take in.

If you plan on hitting up the beautiful Orange County beaches with a little one, you’ll be pleased to know that some of the best beaches in Orange County are actually the baby beaches!

Baby beaches are slightly smaller than the average state beach, have a no-wake zone and don’t have large ocean waves, making it a safer beach area for young children.

In this post of our series on the 5 Best Beaches in Orange County for Babies and Toddlers we’ll explore Little Corona Del Mar baby beach.

Little Corona Del Mar Baby Beach

baby beaches in Orange County

Little Corona Del Mar baby beach is part of Corona Del Mar State Beach located in the city of Newport Beach, CA at the intersection of Poppy Ave. and Ocean Blvd.

If you park at the top of the hill along Ocean Blvd. in residential parking you’ll have a nice view overlooking the beach on the walk down.

baby beaches in Orange County

NOTE: The walk down (on the left hand side in the picture above) is quite steep. It was too steep for my toddler to walk down by herself so my husband carried her. You could easily walk down it with a stroller. Have a jogging stroller? Even better.

HIGHLIGHT: Although the stretch of beach is small, the highlights are the low tide, tide pools and the opportunity to see marine life up close.

baby beaches in Orange County

baby beaches in Orange County

When you’re facing the ocean, the tide pools are on your left.

As you can see, small stretch of beach but all the kids out there were having a blast!

Lots of kids were busy examining the little red crabs and purple sea urchins in the tidepools. I didn’t get a good photo of the sea urchins, but here’s a red crab for you!

baby beaches in Orange County

Hands down, the most memorable part of our time at Little Corona Del Mar Baby Beach was witnessing a baby sea lion up close! It was sunning on a rock nearby the tidepools. After awhile it got up, stretched and made its way back into the ocean.

baby beaches in Orange County

baby beaches in Orange County

Do you see him on the left in the picture above? 😉

Be Safe!

baby beaches in Orange County

The tidepools can be slippery and somewhat treacherous, since there are jagged, wet rocks. Swim shoes are recommended. Also, as this beach is a marine protected area, be safe around the wildlife.

If your little ones want to swim, don’t forget to bring a Coast Guard approved life vest or Puddle Jumper and stay within an arm’s length of any child under the age of 5.

What the Yelpers Say

Check out the positive things that Yelp reviewers have to say about Little Corona Del Mar.

Water Quality

Check Heal the Bay Beach Report Card for water quality before you go.

Public Restrooms and Beach Showers

Public restrooms and outdoor showers are available at the bottom of the hill just before the entrance to the beach.

Photo Credits: All photos taken by the author.


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